Want to Know a Secret?

Want to Know a Secret? - Sue Moorcroft I do like Moorcroft, she keeps it real.Plot:Diane's husband is in a helicopter crush, and what he did in it in the first place she does not understand, until all the lies come out at once (almost all). He has been keeping some big secrets from her, and because of these secrets she meet James, loyal the core, nice, and there is something there.My thoughts:Like I said, Moorcroft keeps it very real, I can see all these things happening so easily. Romance is there, but it's slow, truthful and filled with doubts.Diane thought she had it all, sure she had struggled to put food on the table, but other than that everything is ok. Until secrets come out. Her husband is a petty ass, and an egoistic swine. If he hasn't been in a crash she would surely given him what he had coming. So she is nice, he is not, and I doubt he ever was. Idiot.Then there is James, with an alcoholic wife who he can't leave because he is afraid his depressed 20 year old daughter will become more depressed. They are both so nice and loyal, and stay in marriages that should be over. They become friends and I keep on wondering how they will become more, because these are two people that have sacrificed so much and deserved to be loved.The lies keep on coming in this one, and I keep on reading. It was so easy to just get lost in this one, sure there is drama, and emotions all over the place, together with some serious trouble, but it doesn't get dark or anything. It keeps that feeling of reality, because humans can so easily act like idiots, and she shows it here.Recommendation and final thoughts:I would recommend it. To romance fans, to fiction fans, and to those who just like a good British story, they do have their ways of writing. If you are tired of world win romances, and over the top scenarios, then read this one. Big lies for sure, but also basic human emotion and feelings. It is very close to a 4, but I will still go with 3,75 for some reason I don't even know. Recommended yes, hard to put down, yes.Reason for reading:I have read Moorcroft before, and I enjoy her books. It feels like I am stepping out in the real world, but there is still happiness, they just have to work for it.