The Painted Man (Demon Cycle, #1)

The Painted Man  - Peter V. Brett My thoughts:I liked Arlen and he grew up to be a very determined man, and when the book ended I kept wondering what happens next. Leesha, she had courage and she was smart. It's not an easy world to be a woman in. Rojer, well I will tell you soon.The world was freaking scary, those demons, having to hide at night, hearing them howl, how could this possibly end? The world building was interesting, the ward magic and the structure of the society was good. Everything fit perfectly.But the negative part of the book, Rojer, luckily his POV wasn't around as much because he frankly bored me. Even with that it's still a great book, and it might be the scariest fantasy world I have read about in a really long time.Recommendation and final thoughts:I'd recommend this to fantasy fans, I wasn't sure about the demons, but the moment I turned over page 1, I knew I had to have more. I will definitely read book 2, it was a cool book, and because something happened at the end. It will turn even more interesting.