The Life O'Reilly (Rising Star Series)

The Life O'Reilly - Brian Cohen This was a wonderful book about a man finding himself, and love. Nick is a hot-shot lawyer, he works long hours, he doesn't always get that much respect from his superior, and he has no time for a personal life. The firm is everything. But then he gets a pro bono case, and realizes that he does want more.I liked Nick, he seemed like a really decent guy who was starting to have second thoughts about doing what he was, making rich people richer. He deserved more, and there was this longing in him. The he meet Dawn, the woman he was representing. She was nice and wanted more too, after being in a abusive relationship. Of course the whole client-lawyer thing is a big fat no, so it's easy to figure out that it will have an impact.It was a great tale about a man making some big changes in his life, and how he dared to take that chance when loved showed up. They did seem meant to be. The story was compelling, and I even peaked ahead a bit.What the story also made me feel was sadness, yes there were tears near the end. Happiness, sadness, curiosity about where the story went, and a nice sweet romance. The story made me think too, about making what you want out of life, taking that chance on love, life, a new job, anything.A good story, with characters that felt real.