The Fury (The Vampire Diaries)

The Fury (The Vampire Diaries) - L. J. Smith StefanTormented after losing Elena, he's determined to end the feud with his brother, Damon--whatever the cost.DamonMocking Stefan and Elena, he laughs in the face of doom.ElenaWild with her craving for blood, she confronts the ultimate evil.The terrifying story of two vampire brothers and the beautiful girl torn between them.Genre: Paranormal romance, YAPages: 256Published: 1991The Vampire Diaries #3Something evil is in town. People think Stefan is a murderer, and Elena is a vampire. So everyone thinks she is dead, and are really sad. Since they all loved her, despite being with "murderer".Ok her friends are really understanding and trusty. Come on, Stefan brutally attacked people, what is this? Why is everyone so forgiving? I don't get it.Elena finally got a backbone, but lost it. Stefan is a bore as usual, and Damon, yes he is wicked isn't he.Best part about this book, the end! Wow that was nice. Oh and Damon, still my favourite..have I mentioned that ;)Yes I will read more, just to see if she is a fool to pick Stefan.