What Alice Knew: A Most Curious Tale of Henry James and Jack the Ripper

What Alice Knew: A Most Curious Tale of Henry James & Jack the Ripper - Paula Marantz Cohen There are a few things I am very curious about, and Jack The Ripper is one of them. Who was he? I'd love the answer to that, and here I at least her one suggestion. But we can't really know. In this book Jack The Ripper is terrorizing London, and Henry James is attending boring dinner parties. In London he also has his sister Alice who never gets out of bed. Because she feels there is something wrong with her. Their brother William is called to London to do a profile on Jack and help them catch him. And soon the whole family are looking for clues.I have never read a Henry James novel, but I have seen some movies. And yes I could see him as he was here, he is very fond of England and the English way of life. He was in England during this period of time so therefore the what if showed up. His sister Alice was clever and nice, and I sure wished she just would get out of bed. And then there was the brother, the famous William, he saw clues that others missed. They were quite the team.They were looking at the suspects and found one of their own, and I must say that one made sense, considering. I think I'd vote for him too. Or..oh, right, well it could have been like that too. See, I am still wondering.It was a good mystery, and thriller, especially as they got close to Jack. I do read thrillers and mysteries, it's just that I only seem to read the historical ones. I like them, cos they are different. First there is the history, second, people just have to work more for clues.