Beyond the Shadows (Night Angel Trilogy #3)

Beyond the Shadows - Brent Weeks This is the third and last book. The two first were good and heart wrenching, I was always sick to my stomach for fear of the main characters life, and for the horrible things happening. In this one that feeling wasn't around, it was "lighter".In this book Kylar wants Logan to take the throne, and he is willing to to whatever it takes to make that happen. Even if it means killing the queen and loosing his own life. Cenaria has enemies surrounding them, and as always the north is stirring.Kylar was great as always, only he can die over and over again and still be surprised. I was never relaly a fan of Elene but after this book, she was remarkable. Love really is all conquering. Logan, well he is sure to become a great king. Dorian, the Godkings son is heading north and searching for the woman he dreamed about, Jeni. I felt sorry for him in thsi one, he really wanted to change the country but fell into every trap. Vi Sovari still swears and I have a new appreciation for her. All in all this book has a great cast of interesting characters.Khali, oh I have been curious about her for a while. Could she really be a goddess and all that, since no other gods are around. And the strange Wolf that gives Kylar life again. It is truly a strange and magical world.This is epic fantasy. Kingdoms fall, wars are fought, people die and are massacred. It is a dark fantasy series but with truth in it. Like I have said in previous reviews. War is a bitch, people suffer, people die, and civilians pay the consequences. That is shown here.My only negative thing is the end. It was good and all, but I kind of wanted to know what happens next with Kylar. All stories in the book are getting an ending but it still leaves room for something more, perhaps 20 years later. I sure hope he gets back to this world because I can see a lot of more things happening.