Secrets in the Marriage Bed

Secrets in the Marriage Bed - Nalini Singh I was not sure about this one first. I am not a fan of a couple on the brink of divorce getting back together. But this one was different.Caleb and Vicki has been married for 5 years and one day she left. Now she is back 3 months later and excepting his child so they are trying again. I slowly learnt what had gone wrong. Vicki had been rather cold in bed, because of how her grandmother raised her. She never gave much away. And Caleb was a workaholic and she felt he loved his firm more than her.These two had some major issues to work out. First, better sex life, where both play. Second, trying to talk things out. What are they both hiding, what can't they say to each other?A nice story about how a picture perfect marriage is not that perfect after all. They both loved each other but wanted more honesty and feelings in their relationship.