On the Way to the Wedding

On the Way to Wedding  - Julia Quinn Plot: The last of the Bridgerton siblings is looking for love, too bad he finds it in the wrong girl, and never sees his true love before him, before it's too late and she is walking to the altar with another man.Characters:Gregory, what should I say, I was rather annoyed that he believed to be madly in love with Hermione, and relentlessly pursued her. Even though she was on love with someone else.Then he was hit by lightning again, and didn't see who it was. Am I cynic when I say that is lust and nothing more. But to his defence, I loved how he believed in true love and wanted to find it, and when he finally understood what love was he was not letting her get away, even if she was to marry someone else.Lucy, she was rather grey at times, and I am not sure I liked how she didn't want her friend to be with the man she loved, just cos he wasn't noble.Love:Gregory sure loves, and falls in love in this one. Lucy is more sensible so do I feel it? Dunno. There is some smexin too, I didn't expect that, the book looked so sweet.Bad things:How he fell for a pretty face and that was it.Good things:How much he believed in love and wanted it.Final thoughts:This was much first Bridgerton book, how funny I should read about the last sibling. Not a series one have to read in order. It was sweet and easy.Cover thoughts: Cute