Painting Mona Lisa

Painting Mona Lisa - Jeanne Kalogridis I picked up this book thinking to learn something more, and then I googled after having read for a little while and realized the story is total fiction. The people existed but she has re-invented history and put together this fictional story.Young Lisa grows up in Florence where de Medici rule. Her father is a wool merchant and her mother is sickly. The de Medici family rules everyhting, even marriages and she is sent to be inspected so they can find her a husband. But she meets Giuliano de Medici and falls in love, when 12 or 13. But a preacher is preaching about hell fire and soon all of Florence will be turned into darkness. But Lisa has her love, and friendship in a painter known as da Vinci. She also has a thirst for revenge.Yes, my biggest concern is how historically incorrect this book was. I mean she did a great job, really followed what happened but then she made some people disappear and re-shaped Lisa's life. It makes a good story but I would rather have seen more accuracy. I never really got the love story either, they met briefly, she gets a letter and then she is suddenly in love. Must I preach about lust again. I just never felt it. Later yes, but not then.But I did enjoy Florence, how the de Medici worked, the city and later Savonarola. He was one scary guy and Florence really turned into a hell hole after he has preached for a while. No one was safe, well perhaps except for the pious sad ones. It was certainly an interesting time.In the end an ok book, I guess I might have liked it better before I went to google.