The Italian's Inexperienced Mistress (Harlequin Presents)

The Italian's Inexperienced Mistress - Lynne Graham I am gonna try some sort some short review thing for this one...but first, harlequin presents titles crack me up, lol.Characters: Angelo Ricardo: Italian playboy tycoon out after revenge, coldhearted.Gwenna Hamilton: Totally naive, and a sweetheart.Her dad: An idiot who swindles money.Plot:Seek revenge on Hamilton and make him pay, and in comes Gwenna, new plan, destroy her in search of revenge by making her his mistress.Good parts:It was really short, and took now time at all to read, which I needed since it has been hectic.And she did tell him like it was now and again, she wasn't meek, just silly.Bad parts:Really?! A virgin and she decides to become a mistress to save her dad?! Not to mention that she is more or less his slave then, but of course he falls for her cos she is so sweet, and naive. And of course she falls for him. And how can she be so clueless in this day and age. She is just too sweet.Final thoughts:But then Harlequin is silly, and the plots do not have to make sense. I am just saying, half way through it I said that it would totally end with a pregnancy and..well find out.So, if you want something short then this is it.