Relentless (Federation Chronicles Series #2)

Relentless - Lauren Dane Lauren Dane is an excellent writer, I liked how her words just flowed and the story moved on so easily. It's a story set in a far away future where the space have been settled. It takes place in the city of Ravena, where a barrister named Abby is fighting for what she believes in. Then she meet Roman Lyons, the most powerful man in her 'verse. There is passion at once, passion that can not be.I was not a fan of the feudal society they lived in, the families ruled everything and the people had no say in anything. Not to mention Roman was ranked, Abby was not, and because of that they could not be together. He was someone she was not, they did seem to live in the dark ages, and here I thought the future would know better. It seems not, rank still rule.I liked the story, I have always been a sucker for future worlds. This society is then ruled by a lot of powerful families. They have the power, they have the say, and no one can question their will. They say it's democracy, but it is not. They also have the attitude that they are better and ranked are not allowed to marry unranked. But there are voices that wants to be heard, and they want change. A book sure needs a bit of that too, civil unrest, even if it doesn't amount to that here.There was one thing that sadly killed my mood, I was not a fan of the sex, all the dirty talk, well I could not feel the love between them, just the sex, which is a shame. It was just too much for me, and yes I guess I am a romantic. I need to some love. Sure I was hoping they would end up together, but that was mostly because I knew it, I didn't feel it.Still Abby was a good strong character who had gone through horrible thing, but she did not late them hold her down, and Roman, oh it was the power that did it for me. He was just so raw and powerful.But it's a great story, with exceptions then for me, it flows, the story holds my attention and it's a great world she had created. She is a wonderful writer and the book is read with ease.