The Last Celtic Witch: A Celtic Series

The Last Celtic Witch - Lyn Armstrong Young Adele MacAye has seen her own death, she is the last Celtic Witch and she does not that legacy to end with her. That would end all the good magic in the world, and lead the path for darkness. So she does what any good witch would do, she created a fertility spell and lets that lead her to the man who can sire a child.Laird Phillip Roberts is a warrior and lives a rough life fighting a bloody battle against a neighbouring clan. One way to end this would be to marry and make an alliance. But after meeting a fairy like creature in the woods he is not sure of anything any more.I do feel that this book could have been better. It had a very interesting story about a woman trying to escape the fate she has seen, and not letting good magic die. She did not think she fall for the man fate chooses. And then there is the Laird who wants to save his people but is losing his heart to an alluring witch. He does not want to marry another. And there we have the villain, an evil, sorceress who plays black magic and wants to crush the good witch, and gain more power, not to mention more land.That had the premise to be a great story, and it was good and short when it played out. And then there was the times when the author put in those spicy scenes, but that is of course to be expected. But what I mean in the end is that didn’t always feel like a part of the story, just something to use of the sensual aspect of it all. These two didn’t always mix as well as they could have, and either mix it, or cut it out.But for people who wants some spice with their historical, and some paranormal then this might be it. In that way it sure has it all.