A Touch of Scandal

A Touch of Scandal - Jennifer Haymore First it annoyed me so much, secondly I loved it. Haha, yes I seldom think HR is better than ok, but this one, it just sucked me in.Kate is spying on a man bathing, and has for many days. Then they finally speak, and she is just silly and naive. Telling him she loves him and can feel his heart. Wanting to throw away her innocence right there and then. And later, telling him that she knows he will do the right thing. Well yeah, even your lover can be a crazy murdering rapist when you are not around. But she trust him. That was one thing that annoyed me, how fast this happened and how love was just floating around in the air. Then there was this scene were one was tied up in shackles, and they did some things. In a dirty dungeon, gross.Ok now I got those things that annoyed me out in the open and I can move on.When things annoy me I usually do not love the book as much as I did. But the easy language of hers, that just made me wanna read more and more, had me at once. And then there was the story, a good story that made you wonder and turn.Because Kate is working for her own brother as a servant, a brother that eloped with the duke of Calton's sister. The duke is pissed and after revenge, and seems to enjoy bathing in this little pool. So yes major conflicts at once there. First, can he love his enemy's sister, and then the huge class difference between those two.Kate is a sweet girl, even though I did find her naive, but hey first naked guy she has sees, and he looks like a god, so of course some feelings awake in her. And she wants to strip naked too. And Garret, all torn and dark, brooding, and angry. He thinks that she is plain and dressed ugly. But she is what he needs.I am rambling I think. Ok, I started reading (got annoyed yes), read on, and could not stop. Truly enjoyed this tale. Even with the true love at once and dungeon sex.I think I am glad that I did not read the book before this one. Where Garrett comes home after 8 years to find his wife married to his cousin. By reading like this I could fall for him, and like him even if it seems he made plenty of mistakes in that previous book that is about his cousin and his wife.Blodeuedd's Cover Thoughts: Pretty, even if she sure is never playing with a rose, or inviting on a sofa. They do it elsewhere ;)Reason for reading: Own copy.Final thoughts: A great romance that has it all, madmen, revenge, love, skinny dipping and scancal.