Renegade - Sarah Parr y Review: This book, well there is nothing wrong with the author's writing, her imagination and her willingness to explore other lands. But I had a problem with this book, and that was the story itself.Jonathon, the hero, buys Jaline, sure he does it to save her, but he sure wants her too. Am I supposed to root of for a man who buys himself a mistress? But he grew on me, because he loved her and it showed through out the book. This was a lovestory, at least from his point of view. From his part I truly saw it.But then there was Jaline. The way she came in to the relationship telling him that ok if I must I will be your mistress, and her being a virgin and all. And she kept on saying that even though he made it clear he would not force her, and he was willing to let her go. Still she wanted to stay, and that is the point I do not get. Stay as a slave when she didn't even love him then? All the decisions she made in this book were strange, and one part was her unwilingness to tell him about his accident that we learnt about early on. That she had raced horses, I never understood why she couldn't just tell him.So there you go, that is why I had problems with this book. When it came down to it all I geuss it was Jaline.I am not telling you it was a bad book. No, I am sure many will be swept away with this book and the lovestory that slowy grows between these people. One who wants to love the other person, the other that is scared to be loved. It can be rather bittersweet.Then there is the danger in the book, Jonathon buys excotic objects and now there seems to be someone after him, or is it after Jaline? The reader does not know for sure. There is some action, and a mystery concerning what really is going on.I also liked that she started the book in Constantinople in the beginning, I like a romance novel that at lest to some parts takes place in another country, even if they later go to England. It gave more flavour to the book.Some romance fans will love this concept, even if I didn't.