The Highlander's Sword

The Highlander's Sword - Amanda Forester What can I say, I have a soft spot of Highland romances, or perhaps just Scotland in general.Aila Gordon is the heiress to the lands, but she has been destined to join a convent ever since a little girl. No one has never looked twice at her. This all changes since her father does not want her to join a convent, he needs soldiers because his neighbour is causing mischief, and the way to do this is to marry her away. He will get soldiers, the husband her rich dowry.Aila was a sweet woman, she did what she was told, and never thought much of herself. She doesn't say much either when she is married away. If that is her duty then it is, of course it helps that she remembers him from before, and that he is good looking.Padyn MacLaren has one big chip on his shoulders. In the beginning we see him leaving France after having his heart crushed. He does not trust women, and especially not pretty woman. Honestly he is an ass, and I got upset with him now and again cos of his serious trust issues. I am just waiting for him to redeem himself and see the woman before him is just perfect for him, and no lying hag. But then again what kind of book would that be.Their marriage is of to one rocky start and the misunderstandings keep on coming. This is not love at first sight, or perhaps it is but they are way to blind to see that. They have to work for it, well he have too, Aila I just like.There are some great side characters too, I am thinking of Sir Chaumont, the French knight that comes back with Padyn in particular. He also has a little sidestory. Then there is her mother, who has not left her room in 15 years. And the mysterious traitor that shows up here and there, but we never learn his name, and I sure did not figure who it was. There is a mystery here too, to find the traitor, to stop the neighbour, and try to stay alive. Not many is happy about the marriage.I can give you bit of a warning and that is that every time they speak it is with a Scottish accent, it took a while to get all the words for me. But I tried to look at it the way that I was watching a movie and then those accents are just so hot.So romance, mystery, danger, a stubborn Highlander, a bonny lass, and there is our story. A sweet book that made me wish I could visit Scotland.