Not Quite a Husband

Not Quite a Husband - Here we go my first review for 2010, with a book I finished last year ;)I like this Sherry Thomas book, it was different. A strong heroine who has always followed her own road and has become a surgeon. A man who has always been in love with her and who just wanted a glance. You would think that would end in a beautiful HEA but it didn't.Bryony was of course attracted by Leo, he was gorgeous and accomplished, even though he was younger than her. She proposed because she thought they would fit well together, love, well who knows about that. She was rather cold and he tried everything to warm her up, but he had doubts too, mostly because of how she was. This was a story that could only end one way, a divorce.The story begins 3 years later when Leo finds her in India with a mission to bring her back to England to see her father. He is not happy because she broke his heart and he sees her as cold and frigid. She does nto want to be anywhere near him.But we all know they are meant to be, but they sure have a long road ahead. They must overcome those doubts and hurts, and she most open her heart for the first time since she was a little girl. This while walking straight into a rebellion.I did have problem, a certain sort of sex scene that showed up over and over, and it just made me go WTF?! Not sexy at all for me, just really, really creepy.But hey, it sure has a lot of passion, a sexy guy who really loves her, and as the story unfolds (with flashbacks going back even to their childhood) I really grow to like him. By that print at the back I thought I should dislike him, but this is really a story where both are at fault. She is so strict and unfriendly in a way, and he is so vulnerable. Like the roles were the other way around. And that is what I enjoyed about this book, that the characters were different and they already had had a chance at love with each other.I read that others found the last part of the book a bit lacking, and yes it was in a way Everything up to that was always moving forward and then it dropped and shimmered there for awhile. but it did not ruin the book, I guess it was needed to bring an ending around.Even if Leo had a deep fault, I still really liked him, oh yes, trust me. This was a nice historical romance, with some passion, and even war.Blodeuedd's Cover Corner: truly red-hot, but yes I am a girl who likes to see the heads, but I knowthat is out of fashion.Reading for reading. My own bookFinal thoughts: Different take, nice flow.