A Marquis to Marry (Rogues' Dynasty Series #2)

A Marquis to Marry - Amelia Grey Another sweet book by Grey. Light, but still with some suspense in it. This one is about Alexander, known as Race, the marquis of the 3 cousins. You don't have to read the first book to be able to read this since the cousins are finding love one by one. But of course the first couple is in this and I do prefer to read in order.Race is like he always have been. Flirting and having fun. Then a woman shows up, a dowager duchess in his own age and she accuses him of being the owner of stolen pearls. Of course the refuses to listen. But Susannah wants those pearls and she does not give up. Then they are stolen.Race, oh I like Race better than the duke in the last book. Yes so I have already forgotten his name, hehe. Nah he was good too, but Race was nice. Perhaps I will like the last cousin even better. Susannah was sweet and I liked her. She did not give up. But I did have one problem with her and that was with her marriage, is she was so ruined, then how could they get a duke to marry her? Well that is just my own thoughts, like the thoughts I have regarding sex in these kinds of books. But here I didn't have a problem with it, I mean she wasn't a virgin, she could have a fling. What else I like about her, was that she was 30. She had been married, she wasn't feeling all icky about sex and stuff. Even though her husband had been much older and it had been only a duty. But she isn't feeling bad about it. It is just like it happened to be. And now of course she wants some passion.Yes of course these two start to fall for each other, we don't have to be brain surgeons to figure that out. But oh no, rocky start. Race being an idiot, Susannah being something. And I am wondering about that HEA. How is she gonna pull it off? Well, don't look at me, I am not telling you. You have to read to find out.The "suspense" part comes from the hunt for the pearls, first on their own and then together. And she surprises me. I do like that.This was a light and nice book. Some romance, some pearl hunting, fun characters. Like meeting Lord Snellingly again. And by now I feel bad for the bad poet. I kind of wish he would get a book if his own and meet a nice girl. There is a pirate, and some other shady figures. And of course Gibby, who is getting in trouble again. Oh I hope he finds a woman too.I liked this one better than book 1, I enjoyed book one, but yes Race, duh. I like the quotes that start each chapter, and that they refer to him all the time. As for their dead grandmother, I wish I could read about her too.A review of book 3 will come early April. I am also having Amelia Grey over then so that will be fun.Blodeuedd's Cover Corner. I like this, but then I do like to see faces.Reason for reading: My own copy.Final thoughts: Nice historical romance.