Kissing Games of the World

Kissing Games of the World - Sandi Kahn Shelton This was a wonderful book. It had this easy, slow pace, like drinking ice tea on the porch a nice summerday. I am not saying it was like that all the time. Oh no, it had ups and downs and I wanted to kick someone. But the language was like that.They all had issues. Jamie had man issues, she was overprotective of her son, but that was understandable since he had asthma. But she did not let anyone get close really. She had let Harris though. Then there is Nate who had severe father issues. These two clashed at once. He did not like to find her in his old home, and he was thinking she had slept with his dad. She saw him as he was, a harsh idiot sometimes. Those were also the times I wanted to give him a kick. He was certainly not nice, but yes, issues. The only two that had some hope and seemed normal were the kids. Oh they were lovely, talked all the time and saw truth. The author did a wonderful job with everyone really. People do have issues.This is not a romance, it is a book about loss, finding yourself, hope and love. These two people really deserve to be loved. Nate does have a fiancee' but does he love her, or does he just need someone there. It is not like he meets her a lot either. Jaime is a single mum with a minimum lovelife. Her sister tries to get her to date but to no avail. Then these two meet, harsh words, but passion underneath, and slowly something starts to build up. Something that could get torn down any minute.This book grabs a hold of you, and you keep reading, while sitting on that porch. The language flows easily. There is no I either hate or love these characters, no grey zones. They all had flaws, they were human, and yes they did and said stupid things. But she made it easy to still like them, and love some. And yes get angry at some too of course.I can't remember who talked about it, but it was about titles in books, and I found this one here. It fitted Nate perfectly.This book did have some underlying sexual tension and sparkling romance wanting to get through. I enjoyed their awkward dance and waited for them to see the light. They were meant to be, but the road there seemed rocky to say the least. It was a book with many layers, and I did enjoy them all. To see life go by in their lives as they struggles with their new roles. I was pleasantly surprised.Blodeuedd's Cover Corner: A nice, simple yet beautiful cover that fits the tone of the book.Reason 4 Reading: Review copy from the publisherFinal thoughts: A sweet, and nice read.