The Last Honest Woman (Silhouette Special Edition No. 451)

The Last Honest Woman (Silhouette Special Edition No. 451) - Nora Roberts It was an easy and sometimes sweet read. But I did get annoyed at Abby now and again. Yes she wanted to portrait her husband in a good way, and therefore she tried to lie to the writer who was writing her late husbands biography. But why keep it up when he knew she was lying and not to mention when he thought the worst of her. Some things I can understand why she wanted to keep hidden but others made no sense since they really had nothing to do with the bottom line of things.And Dylan was kind of an ass too, he thought the worst of her, well do your background check and stop judging people from some photos from the past. he is supposed to write this great biographies but he only thinks the worst of people. How is that a good way to start?So we have two idiots that drove me crazy now and again. And then her famous siblings showed up, it seems they have books of their own too. Not that I got that interested in reading them.Ok I did not hate the book even if it may seem like that. It was a sweet lovestory, it's just that the man characters were real stubborn. But I read the sweet parts, and I got the true story behind her marriage. That made a good story.And her kids were adorable, almost the best part of the book, at least the best people of the book. They made up for idiotic adults.It was an ok book, not bad, and not good. An easy book to read, I did not have to think much and it sure took no time at all to read it.