Beltane - Erin O'Riordan This on took me for a trip, first I disliked Zen and Orlando, then I liked them again. Then I got a bit confused when I figured out what had to happen, and I didn't like one of them again. But then I liked that person again. Lol, yes it went up and down. Though I did like Allie and Paul Phillip all the time through out the book. But that is what a book should do, make you love and hate characters. They are only human after all. And I couldn't see the things that were to happen happen. They just sprung on me (even though I figured out one thing, which I loved in the end). You have to read and figure out what I mean.There was mostly Zen in this book, so perhaps that is why she stirred the most emotions in me. She is a witch and owns a little store. Her sister Allie on the other hand is a pagan priestess and has just married and wants to start a family. But Zen who can sense what others are feeling knows that something is not that right about Paul Phillip. But what? She can't say and he does seem to adore her sister. So they go off into the sunset. While Zen heads back home and later sees a man in a bar, Orlando Parisi is a hunk, but there is a weddings rind on his finger. Could she really do just that? The Goddess says do no harm and breaking up a marriage is not something that is right. But for you who thinks this is a book about adultery, it's not. And everything that happens does so for a reason. Before I saw that I did have a problem with the whole thing, then I liked it, then I disliked it, then I saw the light. I can't say anything more. And this all while Allie is having problems of her own.We get to follow them in their relationships, the ups and downs. The hardship and yes the sex. Because that there are. Not tasteless or too much, not so that it interferes with the story. But woven in so it makes sense. One scene did make me go oh no, oh really, and I couldn't wait to see how it turned out.Then there is the whole pagan thing which I of course like, I do have the name Blodeuedd for a reason. And now I got to read how these two girls celebrated Beltane, oh yes, it got wild. And Beltane was the perfect way to set everything right in the book. After that it was a smooth ride to the end.