Odalisque (Percheron Saga Series #1)

Odelisque - Fiona McIntosh Check out more at http://books-forlife.blogspot.com/The land has a new Zar, 15 year old Boaz take the throne after his father dies, and by his side is his mother who will do anything for the power this brings her. In a cut-throat court he must reign, and see who is wants him harm and who is his friend.The warrior, the Spur Lazar, the old kings jester Pez, and a beautiful odalisque Ana, purchased in the foothills will prove to be the only true friends the young king has, and can trust in the beginning of his reign.And the world will also herald the coming of the gods themselves to do battle again against each other.What am i to say?! I borrowed this book from a friend, and she loved it. But I couldn't begin to imagine how boring and icky it would be. I speeded through it just to finish it.Boaz was an idiot, he could have done what he wanted cos in the end he was the ruler, but no let innocents get executed and his old friend castrated.Lazar, ok, dunno about 35 or so falling madly with some fresh 15 year old. And she should learn to hold her tongue.I didn't hate anyone, but I didn't like anyone either. I guess you were supposed to like Lazar and Ana, but...no. Nothing in them made me like them, or anyone for that matter.I am not saying this was bad fantasy, it was exotic, and my friend loved it. That just shows that her and I have different taste in fantasy. I like mine more epic, high fantasy, and this one at times could have been some harem in Turkey, if it wasn't for a tiny bit of magic.Not the fantasy for me, but she did write well so it's up to each to decide.