Renegade's Magic (The Soldier Son Trilogy, Book 3)

Renegade's Magic (The Soldier Son Trilogy, Book 3) - Robin Hobb Nevare Burvelle dreamed about becoming a cavalla officer, but then the Speck Plague came to Old Thares, and his life would change forever. After being disowned by his father he fled to Getty's, a small garrison at the edge of the Speck forest. And then he was accused of horrific crimes, and fled while implanting memories in the memories of those who thought they beat him to death.In the forest of the mysterious Specks is the treewoman he cares for, Lisana. While stuggling to keep seperate his speck self Soldier's Boy from Nevare, he will venture deep into the woods and claim his right as a Great One.Can he save the woods and the ancestor trees from being destroyed from the Gernian invaders. And can he save those he loves in Gernia from being killed by the Specks?While the 2 sides of him struggle for power the faith of those he care about on both sides will be decided.I left of feeling depressed after book 2. He is incredibly fat, hated by all (except the Specks), and I jsut saw no end at all to this series. Hobb sure has a way of writing, she spares no one, instead the puts it out there. Life is not always fair. Innocent people are wronged, and I felt so sorry for Nevare.Book 3 starts with him fleeing from Gettys. At least he will win I think, but he is not happy being split into two. And I like the Specs, they just want their forest, and the Gernians see them as a primitive folk who foolishly believe on magic. They can't imagine that magic is really real, instead they fight with Iron and destroy more "pimitive" people. Yes there are connections, not to mention something that happens later on and really echoes another era.So what did I think, well hard to say since I was so afraid for Nevare. If i read it again I could relax more. But it was good, no where as good as the Farseer Trilogy though.And it's not epic fantasy cos the world is really near ours when they have real guns. But I kinda liked that twist cos it fits here.