Heartwood - Freya Robertson

It was a complex world that gave me a few surprises. Which I of course can't mention, spoilers darling.


Where to start? Delegates from countries have come to Heartwood to talk peace. Heartwood is the religious center with quite the military force. Think Sparta meets...holy tree that needs to be protected. The tree is tied to the land and nature is what religion is about here.


And then there are the...oh I so wanna tell you. It was a great revelation. Very intriguing. Well done, and you will know when you have read it.


There are a couple of POVS in this book, I will not tell you all but they have their different roads to take. It's not really about one person, but about them all. I guess we could say Chonrad is a lead, but I say they all are so that was a bit different.


The ending is just what it is, an ending. Which I am grateful for cos I am not a fan of cliffies. But at the same time I know there is a book 2 and I am so curious what that book will be about. I need to know stat!


The book had its focus on adventure and fighting. I guess I might have missed really getting to know one person and not all. But all in all it was a good book that I finished fast.


I do still wonder what book 2 is about. The title gives me ideas, blurb please soon.