Don't Want to Miss a Thing - Jill Mansell

As always you will get more than one HEA and that is why Mansell's books are so fun. I love the love in the air. Even side characters, that are truly on the side gets a HEA.


But the book is about Dex and Molly. Dex is the womanizing partyboy (who I would not have liked if he had stayed like that). But he changes and becomes respectable, and is truly a god guy.



Molly is the nice down to earth neighbor. There are sparks, but are they just friendship sparks? These two have a very very long way to go.


And that is what I like, love that takes time, love that grows from friendship. Love that when you realize it's love, you already know each other well.


As for the side stories. There is a tale of lost love, hurt love and found love. You will see.


Mansell's books are cute and always enjoyable.


Would I read more