To Have and To Hold  - Leigh Greenwood

Naomi and her family is heading west (but are the entire town running from something? *insert music of almost doom*. First we have weather that does what it wants and not what the travelers want. Dangerous rivers, killer snakes and do not forget Indians. The whole caravan is also very tense cos of something that must have happened for them to leave it all behind. Which was a bit extreme but hey their choice.



In comes Colby, all around nice guy who knows about the land and agrees to help these poor lost travelers. Like I said he was a good guy, but he has some issues from his past that makes a romance not in the cards.


Romance. Of course there is romance! Just cos the heroine do not trust Colby and Colby is all arghh issues from my past, does not mean there will not be romance ;) I liked that it happened slow. They became friends and sparks slowly started to form. But they had some things to work through first.


All in all a nice western romance that shows the hard life and how everyone had to work together to survive.





Would I read more