Project Darcy - Jane Odiwe

I liked this re-telling because, well I can't say it cos that would be a spoiler. But I liked how it all tied in together. Oh and the end, I did not see that, fun :) Elizabeth, Elle, is on a Jane Austen dig with her 4 friends. All with names hinting to that they are the Bennet sisters.



And together they experience Pride and Prejudice. There is a Wickham, Mr Darcy and Bingley. There is Pride and there is prejudice.


But the thing is, that while all of this is going on Elle is seeing bits and pieces of Jane's life as they are digging out her house and visiting places she visited. There are memories from her childhood and how she met Tom Lefroy. And then there are spoilery things I wont mention but that were awesome.


An interesting re-telling of the old story with a new twist on it.