The Cowboy's Christmas Baby  - Carolyn Brown

Sassy women and real cowboys. If you have not noticed by now that I enjoy Brown's books then you can have looked that close. This is the *checks* 11th book that I have read by her. And they are all sweet as butter in the sun.



The Holidays are close in this book and a Lucas is gonna see the girl he has talked to online for months. You would think it would be all kisses and hugs but Natalie did forget to tell him she got preggers and had a baby. I do get why he got mad, she should have told him but there is a reason why she did not. So it's a rocky start and they has to become friends and fall in love all over again.


Put in a scheming father and grandfather. Animals running amok and getting everything ready for xmas and you got this book.


It's all sweet and fun. But then if I want cowboys I want a Brown book.