Club Dead (Southern Vampire Mysteries, Book 3)

Club Dead - Charlaine Harris Since I finished them both pretty close to each other I thought I should do a 2 in 1 review. Since I have the same things so say about both in a way.First, now I like them. With the first one I just kept thinking of TB, and seeing the actors. With this one I could create my own world, and I did not now what would happen.I have come to like Sookie, she has guts, even if she does get beaten up a lot. Bill, well, dunno about him. I do like seeing Bubba around, but most of all I crave Eric. When he sneaks up next to her, where ever that may be, oh, I am smitten. I have hopes for Sookie and Eric, cos I do like him more than Bill who is just rather grey.Oh and I loved Alcide in book 3, perhaps because I prefer werewolves these days and he is a were shifter. I do hope we get to see more of him. As for Sam, meh.The story in book 2, that's right, those scary Fellowship of the sun guys, oh those were creepy and what a bunch of idiots. I did not like them for one second, and sadly I am sure we will see more of them. I did like that we got to see shifters and that freaky meanaed.Book 3, Alcide, yes he and Eric were the highlights. I liked this book up to a point, Sookie and Bill in the back of his car. Ok that was wrong, gross, and I could never have forgiven him, it was horrible reading it, and then she just went back to normal. It's those kinds of scenes that makes me throw a book across the room. Here I didn't, but I sure will if it happen again.The book series is so much better than the tv series. I am enjoying them, and I will get to read more now in September, for which I am really happy.