I love books, love love love them. My taste is wide but I do love fantasy the most..and UF, and romance, and historical, you get the idea.


I blog at Book Girl of Mur-y-Castell where I review all the books that I have read.

Emma & Elton: Something Truly Horrid - Alexa Adams

It was short so I do not have a lot to say.


The story stayed every true to Emma. With a few exceptions, Emma is a bit smarter and at the same time not. And something truly horrid happens.


I liked the horrid thing the most...cos it was horrid ;)

Hot Blooded - Amanda Carlson

It was good, just not as good as book 1. I think it was cos of the storyline. They spent it looking for Roarke most of the time and well...even if things happened, not so much happened. I guess I wanted another kind scenery.


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The Cowboy's Christmas Baby  - Carolyn Brown

Sassy women and real cowboys. If you have not noticed by now that I enjoy Brown's books then you can have looked that close. This is the *checks* 11th book that I have read by her. And they are all sweet as butter in the sun.


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Project Darcy - Jane Odiwe

I liked this re-telling because, well I can't say it cos that would be a spoiler. But I liked how it all tied in together. Oh and the end, I did not see that, fun :) Elizabeth, Elle, is on a Jane Austen dig with her 4 friends. All with names hinting to that they are the Bennet sisters.


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The King's Concubine - Anne O'Brien

I do not really know what happened, it could have been growing all week. I was all come on, 600 pages? Why is that needed? Cos honestly nothing happened in the book.


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To Have and To Hold  - Leigh Greenwood

Naomi and her family is heading west (but are the entire town running from something? *insert music of almost doom*. First we have weather that does what it wants and not what the travelers want. Dangerous rivers, killer snakes and do not forget Indians. The whole caravan is also very tense cos of something that must have happened for them to leave it all behind. Which was a bit extreme but hey their choice.

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White Cat  - Holly Black, Jesse Eisenberg

I was not sure about Jesse Eisenberg as the narrator. He sounds so insecure at times so it was like Cassel was constantly in doubt. But I got uses to it as Cassel was pretty unsure about himself.


Narration, seems it worked in the end then.


Story. I think I dosed off in a vital part (don't I always ;) But otherwise it was a good and thrilling story. I liked the concept of curse working, and the plot had a good pace as I got more and more answers. The end promised more good things to come.


It worked well on audio but as times before I wonder if I would like it as much in print. I think not.


Would I listen to more?



Don't Want to Miss a Thing - Jill Mansell

As always you will get more than one HEA and that is why Mansell's books are so fun. I love the love in the air. Even side characters, that are truly on the side gets a HEA.


But the book is about Dex and Molly. Dex is the womanizing partyboy (who I would not have liked if he had stayed like that). But he changes and becomes respectable, and is truly a god guy.


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The Gilded Lily - Deborah Swift

I wanted more from this one but it fell kind of flat for me.


First we got Ella who is a bitch. She robs her previous employer and goes to London to get pretty things and a man. I never liked her, I guess I was never meant to like her but I think she got off too easy.


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One Dance with a Duke - Tessa Dare

Ok let's just do this some other way


He has hidden depths and when I understood them I liked him so much. But before that he seems cold.


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Lamentation (Psalms of Isaak, #1) - Ken Scholes

The book was strangely compelling, still I did not know whether to give it a 3 or a 4. Yes it was good, but was it great? I think that I will go for the later as it was the world and the plot that made it so. What a plot!


There was once a world, yes might just be Earth but it was destroyed. Some escaped the Wastelands to the New World and built a life there. Now they have magic, but there are remnants of the old world technology. A couple of robots and ships of iron. Also you should not dig too deep into the past, you might not like what you find. Which brings us to the utter destruction of a city of religion and learning. And where the book starts.

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Legion - Brandon Sanderson

Listened to the audio version and the narrator was ok. Most of his accents he did well, one bugged me though.


The concept was cool, this guy lives in a huge mansion which is filled with his hallucinations. Yeah ;) It seems he is really smart and they help him figure things out.

The story is when he goes hunting after a camera that can takes pictures of things in the past. Now would't that be cool.


It was good...But I do prefer his fantasy works,

Highlanders and Passion

How To Handle A Highlander - Mary Wine

I do think Mary Wine writes my favorite highlander stories. The men are just so very manly and the women are gutsy.


This is book 6 but sure we meet lots of old friends but you can still jump right in (my memory is bad anyway so I forget things). Moira is the half sister of the idiot Fraser (and the very evil Sandra who everyone hated.) She had been pretty neglected but likes her life anyway and wanted to do what was best for her clan. Even if that was to marry some smelly old man.

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Is This Love? - Sue Moorcroft

Ok let's see if I can make a page break happen


Sue Moorcroft always keeps it real. Her romances take their time and there is always other things going on too.


Tamara has always helped her parents take care of her sister who was in a horrible accident when just a teen and now she has stayed a kid forever. But she loves her sister so she wants to stay close. One could say she is a bit self sacrificing, but this is what she wants. She made her own way trough life and sure she has regrets but is still happy. And I liked her, and felt for her.


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Heartwood - Freya Robertson

It was a complex world that gave me a few surprises. Which I of course can't mention, spoilers darling.


Where to start? Delegates from countries have come to Heartwood to talk peace. Heartwood is the religious center with quite the military force. Think Sparta meets...holy tree that needs to be protected. The tree is tied to the land and nature is what religion is about here.


And then there are the...oh I so wanna tell you. It was a great revelation. Very intriguing. Well done, and you will know when you have read it.


There are a couple of POVS in this book, I will not tell you all but they have their different roads to take. It's not really about one person, but about them all. I guess we could say Chonrad is a lead, but I say they all are so that was a bit different.


The ending is just what it is, an ending. Which I am grateful for cos I am not a fan of cliffies. But at the same time I know there is a book 2 and I am so curious what that book will be about. I need to know stat!


The book had its focus on adventure and fighting. I guess I might have missed really getting to know one person and not all. But all in all it was a good book that I finished fast.


I do still wonder what book 2 is about. The title gives me ideas, blurb please soon.

Any Given Doomsday - Lori Handeland

This one did not work for me, I skimmed a lot too. I just did not care for anyone or anything. It was ok..ish, but just not for me at this point.