Lamentation (Psalms of Isaak, #1) - Ken Scholes

The book was strangely compelling, still I did not know whether to give it a 3 or a 4. Yes it was good, but was it great? I think that I will go for the later as it was the world and the plot that made it so. What a plot!


There was once a world, yes might just be Earth but it was destroyed. Some escaped the Wastelands to the New World and built a life there. Now they have magic, but there are remnants of the old world technology. A couple of robots and ships of iron. Also you should not dig too deep into the past, you might not like what you find. Which brings us to the utter destruction of a city of religion and learning. And where the book starts.


I really liked that there had been wars and ruin in the old days and now thousands of years later this is what we have. The almost typical fantasy society. Except for a a few tech things.


I am usually not a fan of too much religion and this was just that, but still it worked. There is a Pope, but the religion is strange. That made it different.


And I really want to know about the Old World! What truly happened. I liked the plot, what a finely woven web, I was impressed by it. And the end, omg the end people! Awesome, best thing in the book.


Good characters too. I like the weird Marsh People, I liked young Neb, Of course I liked Vlad cos he was a mastermind and the Gypsy Scouts and their king were cool.


I do want to read more of this series. Old and new mixes so wel