Highlanders and Passion

How To Handle A Highlander - Mary Wine

I do think Mary Wine writes my favorite highlander stories. The men are just so very manly and the women are gutsy.


This is book 6 but sure we meet lots of old friends but you can still jump right in (my memory is bad anyway so I forget things). Moira is the half sister of the idiot Fraser (and the very evil Sandra who everyone hated.) She had been pretty neglected but likes her life anyway and wanted to do what was best for her clan. Even if that was to marry some smelly old man.


Gahan is the old enemy (but it's the Frasers who are asses). He liked her gutsy self after he got over the first Fraser woman! shock. And he did not give up in his pursuit, can't blame a guy for trying.


There are plots as the Frasers want to take down the Sutherlands. There is the whole Moira is married to the old guy and Gahan wants her plot. And then some other things I will not mention. So good things everywhere.


A good, passionate story about two lovers from feuding families.