From Dead to Worse (Southern Vampire Mysteries, Book 8)

From Dead to Worse - Charlaine Harris Where to start, this one was confusing. A bunch of things were going on and it didn't follow the normal pattern. One mystery to solve and working towards that to the end. Here the obstacle was quickly overcome, very fast and then a number of more things happened. How can I then explain it then when I have already forgotten most of the book?Things are happening in her state, relative, or was that the last book? Weres, fighting, I honestly can't say, it felt like a big mess, and I finished and started it this week. This one, ok, but it will not go down as a memorable book. On the contrary, I will have forgotten most of it by next week.And I do think she is taking in too many paranormal beings and things. And then with Sookie's new status. Felt a bit, I don't know. Perhaps she has a bigger idea with it.By now it must feel like I hated the book, I didn't, I felt the same thing I have felt for awhile now, they are ok, and I don't have much to say about them. I will not go screaming for the next and I fear that I feel like she is loosing her touch. Book 4, wonderful, mm, shower scene, but after that everything is one big blur, she seem to be getting worse. Not bad, just lingering on the big scope I have for ok (it's a big one, I am very harsh.)And how many more books will there be? How long can she go on and stretch it out? There comes a point when a series needs to have an end. But perhaps they will get better again, more fun, more Eric, because I know more things are coming, big war surely. Since the FOTS are bad and people are not that understanding.I am sadly loosing interest, but if my friend keeps buying them I will keep reading.