Dead And Gone (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood, Book 9)

Dead And Gone  - Charlaine Harris I think it's time for a short review again, what else to do after 9 books. How much could I have to say? Other than go on and on about Eric.1. Reason you chose this book.After 8 books I want to know what happens. I can give up now.2. Reasons you liked or disliked this book.- Eric, omg, I liked page 92"Darling you can nail my ass anytime." Lol, if she does not end up with him I will be so mad!- Same old same old, not bad, not excellent.- The plot is the same as in all books, Sookie has man problems, someone tries to kill her and there is a mystery. Yes it works better than in previous books but something must happen soon or they will truly stagnate.- I honestly thought something more would happen when the shifters came out but nothing. Instead there was a fairy-war.- In the end a nice book that I read really fast, simple and ok.3. Reasons you are recommending this book.- If you have read the previous ones then I guess keep on reading. If you haven't read the books then give book 1 a chance, if only so to get to book 4 with the famous shower scene.