Marked (House of Night Series #1)

Marked (House of Night Series #1) - I have very mixed feelings about this book. One side of me thought book 1 was ok, but this second book, I started to get annoyed.First there is this thing that all vampires are beautiful, so only pretty people change? And of course they get even more beautiful after they are marked. Zoey is of course truly beautiful. She gets best friends the first day at school, she has always been popular. But no she is no mean girl, she says it time after time that she is a real geek.Then there is the guys, she calls this other girl a slut for one thing, but she herself has 2 boyfriends, and flirting with another. There is where I started to get annoyed with her, of course she feels a little bad, but come on she cheats. And the guys, hottest things around, and yes geeks. Like we couldn't like someone beautiful who wasn't a geek. It feels like they want to maker her and them feel just like us "normal ugly geeky people".And she has vampire super powers. Yes she is special, and will become very powerful, perhaps most ever. There I got the Mary Sue thoughts.Then there is the language, like totally teen, whatever. Sure I used words, and still use them, but she sounds like those she does not like. Skinny girls, bimbos, sluts, those who wear make-up, but then she is one. She does swear a lot too, but then so does I, but I don't have to read about it. it feels like they tried too much.Forgot, all stars are vampires, all famous people ever seems to have been vampires. Hm.Now it sounds like I hated it this book, but I did not. It was ok, the first one anyway, the second started to get too often under my skin.Blodeuedd's Cover Corner: Very YA paranormal.Reason for Reading: Library books.Final thoughts: Surely good for YA fans.