Sizzling Sixteen (Stephanie Plum Series #16)

Sizzling Sixteen (Stephanie Plum Series #16) - Sigh, a quickie since yeah they are all the same.Plot: They need to save Vinnie cos else they will have no jobs. So Steph looses a car again, Lula shoots at people again and they have to pick up grandma from the funeral parlour again. And attend Hobbit con.Characters:I do love Stephanie, she is always funny. But I am getting tired of the same old story. I am tired of Ranger saying babe, tired of seeing Joe and Steph break up and make up. Tired of Lula and her gun. But they are still all funny.Love:No real loving since they were on a break again and it never gets anywhere with Ranger.Bad things:I want something to happen. This is the exact same story as in the previous 15 books. I need her tp pick a man, or get pregnant or anything.Good things:I still finished it in a day and smiled all along and couldn't put it down. I might be irritated by it all but I still love love this series.Final thoughts:Please, a change! I don't wanna read book 20 and nothing has happened. Cos if I stop laughing, then it will be a sad day. I love my Plum novels.