My Soul to Take (Soul Screamers Series #1)

My Soul to Take - Rachel Vincent Was it as good as her other series? Eh, not really. Sure it was good, I read it fast, but there was not that frenzy to get the next book like with her Shifter books. Still a good light YA paranormal.Kaylee screams and people dies. Why she does not know. Ok at first I thought it all good, but then it was like come on! Why not tell the poor child who can shatter eardrums. Stupid! Made no sense. Not gonna say why she screams, a possible spoiler even if easy to figure out.She meets a boy, Nash, insta love (but I can buy it there cos of...things). What to say. People are dying, she thinks something fishy is going on and investigates all while figuring out who she is.YA PNR. Light. That's all