Explosive Eighteen: A Stephanie Plum Novel (Stephanie Plum Novels)

Explosive Eighteen - Janet Evanovich I do not even know how to write this review, cos I got nothing nice to say. Still would I read book 19? Hell yeah! They might annoy me to death, but they are like crack cocaine.Already back at book 12 I started sighing, but I read on. But shit hit the fan in this one. I was annoyed and then some more. FBI agents would not be so callous. Stephanie is clearly an idiot, sure I already knew this but come on?! Who gets their car stolen time after time? She is also a horrible cheater, yes I knew this too but Morelli, please leave her. No man should be with a woman who cheats on him time after time. She did see a tiny bit of light in this one as she gets that Ranger would never be the man for her, but just choose and deal! I just feel sorry for Morelli, who by the way felt like an robot in this one. I am bored by the drama. We get it, you can't pick a man, no need to rub it in our faces, no need to constantly be on a break from Morelli, and sniff Ranger's hair.Did anything new happen? Nope Stephanie failed as a bond agent. Grandma went to a funeral, Ranger said babe, Morelli was busy, Lula tried to be cool, and a lot of baddies were after Stephanie. And I am supposed to believe that she survives? Oh please, someone would have killed that idiot ages ago.I even got bored and felt like skimming. Before they books have at least gotten a smile from me. It used to be laughs, then smiles, now..nothing. I was numb and irritated.Conclusion:But I will still read book 19, like I said before, they are addictive. But as they just get worse and worse, my patient is starting to run out. I was bored by everything and everyone. The formula is stale. The same old same old wont cut it anymore. I am miserable! You are not supposed to feel like that after a book.