To Seduce an Earl

To Seduce an Earl - Lori Brighton Not long ago I read my first book about a nice whore, this time it was about a male whore. But him I just felt so sorry for.Alex has been a male prostitute for years. He did it to save family, something I can admire. And later on he stays to save his family. I get it, if it came out that their son was a whore then the scandal would rock the ton. Not to mention all the people he would recognize. He is lost, he his bored, and I did feel so sorry for him. At first it may have been fun, a 16 year old boy and all the women he could get, but now, not so much.Our heroine does not seek him out, but later on well yes she needs to seduce an earl so she can marry him and save her family. And he seems to like experienced women. Oh, Grace, her guy has something over him, and she is so blind. Well not for long as she will fall for Alex. Now if this is not a match that is doomed then I do not know. A lady of the realm and a male prostitute. I was pretty unsure how Lori would pull it off, because there were so many things that I could not have seen happening. But she found a way and I was very happy with the way the book ended. A great big HEA too.What I was a bit unsure of was the whole oh I am Russian and we had to hide and stuff plot. I just did not see why they would be shunned, but hey it was needed for the plot so he would become a whore.I think the end was the best part, not because it was a HEA and all that, but because it felt like the best conclusion that could be. Real too.