Frostbite: Vampire Academy #2: Frostbite Bk. 2

Frostbite - Richelle Mead So I found book 2, and dived into it without any high hopes, and yes it was ok this one too. I am not into the whole YA paranormal romance stuff.Rose is worse than ever, honestly are we supposed to like her cos she is such a "rebel"? Because I just thinks she is rude, and horrible. The things she says, she deserves to get slapped. And why does she want to be know as the school slut when she is a virgin, I wish she could get some self respect. And in this one she is very immature too. I can't handle all the angst and teen drama.But I know people will love the premise of the book. Some fighting with the evil Strigoi, pining over hot Dimitri, sweet love between Christian and Lissa. Mason following Rose around like a lost puppy. The mean girls taking a break, and Rose's mum arriving!So yes a lot of drama and love angst promised in this book.But for me I just can't get over ok, it sucks really, I wish I could but for some reason it is the same time with grown up paranormal romance. It all tends to be ok, fun to read yes, but perhaps not for me to go crazy over and get it to my keeper shelf. of course now when i say that I will surely find something this year and rave about it for months ;)To sum up the book, Moroi dying, Rose pining, away to a retreat, royals fight, Rose meets strange hunky guy, still pining over Dimitri, and looking at Mason. Pining some more when pretty Tasha shows up. Some Strigoi fighting.Though, since the library got them, well I will keep on reading, hopefully she will start to grow up some cos I do not understand what Dimitri sees in her when she is like she is.Blodeuedd's Cover Corner: Ok it is supposed to look like she is getting bitten or something, but I just thinks it looks like she has neck pains.Reason for reading: Library bookFinal thoughts: Some of you will love it