Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor

Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor - Lisa Kleypas This book is short, short, short and utterly lovely. Longer than a novella but still only 200 pages. It does work, because it's a holiday story and things get to move fast then.Mark is, well, quiet, I liked him. He takes good care of his niece. Sure he has some silly ideas, but he is good. Maggie , whom he meets is sweet, but has mourned her husband for 2 years. Things just click, and even if things do not happen then at once, there is just magic and love in the air. These two fit, and the would be excellent parents to Holly.'It's a fast friendship turned into a fast romance. It's a cute book that I read in a day, in one sitting. It's light and lovely.After having finished it I also wanted more, his brother Sam who works too much, and Alex who is getting a divorce. Yes I want them to find love too