Shopaholic Ties the Knot (Shopaholic Series #3)

Shopaholic Ties the Knot (Shopaholic Series #3) - First *sighs*, my internet connection is missing in action. No idea what's up so here I am a the slow, and bad library computers. Gotta cut it short today...oh and the cover for the book will come up I use my bf's computer since, photobucket is a banned site here. I miss the internet :(Shopaholic Ties the Knot by Sophie KinsellaBecky and Luke is now living in New York, and Becky has landed a dream job, she is a professional shopper at Barney's. Also, she does get a discount on what she buys there. Not to mention all the other "bargains" New York has to offer. Luke is building up his company, and trying to connect with his mother.The her old flatmate Suze announces that she is getting married, and they are off to a wedding in Scotland. Where Becky catches the bouquet and inside there is a question..and yes the answer to that question can be seen in the book's title.Luke ice-queen society mother is planning an extravagant wedding at the Plaza, while Becky's mother home in England is planning a sweet garden wedding. Both at the same day, both thinking their wedding is the only one. What is she to do?Becky is in a sticky situation in this book, she wants to please Luke's mum even though she dislikes her. But Luke wants to re-connect. And back in England the wedding plans are in motion and she doesn't want to upset her own mother.There is shopping, but more hidden in this book. She does go a bit crazy over certain tings back in England and that is hilarious as always.What I love about these books is that it would be so easy to dislike Becky. But the way Kinsella have written it I end up loving Becky instead. Sure she spends a lot of money on idiotic thing, but she is clearly addicted. And she is sweet, and kind, and funny. Hopefully they will do something about that addiction though.The book is funny, and it's always nice to see her in action. Not to mention that she really seems to enjoy her new job. I miss Suze, cos neighbor Danny is not the same thing. The frosty ice-queen is a good mix in, and I would like more Luke. I feel like I don't really know Luke