Hush, Hush (Hush, Hush Saga)

Hush, Hush - Becca Fitzpatrick I had heard great things about this book and was a bit, scared really, so many times all this buzz is really nothing, and the book is utter crap. Well I am happy to say that I liked this book. It had me reading and reading.Nora is a normal teenage girl who suddenly finds herself sitting next to a mysterious boy in class. Ok I do have to cut in here, come on! Roswell, Twilight, come up with something new. Aaanyway, she is fascinated by him even though he is rude and cold. She is also feeling that someone is stalking her, and she has met this other boy who may be hiding something too. Darkness is closing up on her.You know, sometimes when I complain I do really like the book. So to my second complain, there is a part of the book where a certain older woman seems to be lusting and in love with a younger guy..perhaps it's just that angels are no age, but it was strange. And, are angels made to when they are young so they can grow up? Well I do get that she wanted a 16 or whatever old angel. Oh, shouldn't he fall for someone his own "age" then. There I go again.Great, another complain coming up. She "feels" that he is a different and then he sees that he has a scar on his what is the first thing she do. Well google fallen angels and realize he must be, wait what? Yes always when I feel a guy is different and has a scar he must be an fallen angel. There wasn't nothing leading up to that, nothing that made her think he should be one.Back to business, this book one me over. All this angel talk, I did always like fallen ones, and who doesn't like doomed love. Danger and a good story going on.It may not look that way when I over analysed it but I truly did enjoy this book, and I want to know what happens in book 2. I hope she keep her style and doesn't go all teen or drama. Instead keeping it a bit fresh. So in the end it must be a good book if I complained this much and still really liked it.