Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn - Finished Breaking Dawn last night. Really short kind of post modified from my other blog. So it's not really a review. But I wanted to have something here :)But as for the whole series, Twilight was cute, [b:New Moon|49041|New Moon (The Twilight Saga, Book 2)|Stephenie Meyer||3203964] was rather boring (don't hit me jacob fans ;) , and Eclipse was somewhat better, while Breaking Dawn was rather freaky in the middle and I kinda liked that.Oh my goodness, what was up with the whole "Alien" moment?!And as for team Jacob, well he wasn't meant for her, he would have broken her heart if he found someone else cos then he would have left her. Dunno why people cheered for a doomed love.The end sucked big time. I was expecting some awesome fight, and it just felt like she wrote it in a hurry. The book was building up to something that then really disappointed me.Always rooted for team Edward. But he became rather somewhat...dunno..grey in the end. He was there, but it was like he was only there to serve as her great love. He lost his soul in the end, and became boring and normal. But I still love him cos he is so loving and kind.But Meyer did mess this book up. She hurried the end, she didn't let her characters evolve, and the end was not really an end.