A Red Sun Also Rises

A Red Sun Also Rises - Mark Hodder Now how to explain this book...I do not think I will able too. It's an adventure that you just have to read to truly get.We have a hero and a heroine. Aiden, a priest who is not good at being a priest, and Clarissa, who is so smart but disfigured and therefore she has to beg for bread. But then she starts to work for Aiden, and they discuss religion. A theme through out the book, what is good and evil? Anyway the weirdness has not even started, that starts when he becomes a missionary and we end up with this Alice in Wonderland kind of story. A freaky new world, complex and just really weird. Now I will tell you no more as the worlds needs to be explored on its own. And then you will come to realize things evolve.There is a lot I would like to say, but just think of two people put in a new world. A world that makes no sense at all, and take it from there. You will experience a world like no other.Also throw in some politics, philosophy, religion, and of course steampunk.