Moon Called (Mercy Thompson Series #1)

Moon Called (Mercy Thompson Series #1) - Another book that was good on my long, long bustrip on Friday. I could not stop reading. By the way, will be visiting all your blogs on Monday when I am back home. Today a little post since I have had time to read a lot.I really liked this book and I am so glad I got it. I want more. I need to know what will happen to Mercedes, and especially when it comes to Adam and Sam.Mercedes is a mechanic, and not afraid to get dirty under a car. The thing with her is that she is a shapeshifter and can shift into a coyote. By being apart of this world she knows about all the other things out there, the Fae, the werewolves, witches and vampires. She also knows this because she is friends with a Fae and a vampire. Not to mention that a hunky angry alpha werewolf lives next to her. But they do not exactly see eye to eye and she knows her place since a coyote is way under a were.But then things happen and suddenly her world is a lot more dangerous.I love her, she is kickass, cool, speaks her mind, and yes I liked her at once. Then there is the big bad alpha Adam, what can I say vampires don't hold anything on werewolves. Weres are such alphas and I don't think I I can go back to those tiny vamps.This book has a lot of action, and a fair share of bloodshed. There is also a prospect of romance and tensions run high. I just loved that, this one car scene, well I will stay tuned to the next one to see how it turns out. Who gets who.She is great with myths and I can see she has put some though into the whole thing, and I appreciate that. Making up their own is fun but I also like when an author take existing things and make them her own.This is recommended to all urban fantasy fans out there, I think most have already read Briggs and I might be coming in a bit late, but better late then never.