Heartless (Parasol Protectorate Series #4)

Heartless - Gail Carriger What is it that I love most about these books? Oh I will tell you, it is because they are witty and their manners are impeccable. I love the horror when someone does something wrong, like coming to a party in a visiting gown *gasp of horror*. That is why these books rock.And yes yes it is because of Alexia too. She is the perfect heroine. No soul, all etiquette and how she calls her unborn child the infant-inconvenience. I also love how she adores her oh so sexy werewolf husband Lord Maccon.And the secondary characters, I love those. Lord Akeldama has become more and more my favourite. I had to warm up to him and he is just the best, lol. And poor Biffy! Ivy is her usual self, not a fan of Madame Lefoux, and who else, oh yes Alexia's sister joins the suffragette movement. I know, shocking! Sit down and have some tea while the shock wears off.The book has a plot to kill the queen and Alexia is on the case. You will see evil porcupines, learn a tiny bit more about her dad, be invited to tea and see Alexia fight evil with her parasol. All good times.Conclusion:I finished this book in a day (much thanks to internet disappearing to my horror, and thunder rolling over the house all day long). But even without all that it is a bit you just read at once. It is funny and a series that should be read.I need a quote!".., he actually went around in their room barefoot! Once - and only once, mind you - he even attempted to join her for tea in such a state. Impossible man. Alexia put a stop to that posthaste."Rating:Read the seriesCoverI hate it :/