Timeless (Parasol Protectorate Series #5)

Timeless (Parasol Protectorate Series #5) - My thoughts:This is the end then, it has been a fun ride, I loved the manners and the witty mind of our dear Alexia. But all good things must come to and end, and I am happy the series ended. Because too many go on and on, and then only get worse and worse. Stop when you are on top is my motto.What to say that I haven't said before. Perfect manners, I mean how dreadful would it not be if your hair was out of order? Shameful. Witty speech, the cute nicknames that Lord Akeldama uses, Ivy and her hats, Lyall being his usual beta, Biffy working in the hat shop, sexy Conall taking off his clothes here and there to turn into a wolf. Lovely as always. The book is cute and funny, if you have read it then you know what I mean, if not then start at book 1. This is not a series to read out of order.What else then, well Alexia goes to Egypt to get to the bottom of things. The usual people are around. There are parasol fights, fainting, and a werewolf cub on the loose. This is a family that creates havoc wherever they go.Conclusion.I made it short, I just feel that I have said everything better before. I will miss Alexia and Conall.