The Iron King (Iron Fey Series #1)

The Iron King (Iron Fey Series #1) - Hear, hear, sometimes the impossible does happen. I will step down from my high throne where I say that PNR YA never manages to snare me, because it did. It finally did.It just had something about it that made it impossible for me to put it down. I just could not let go of this story. I also liked that it was so easy and just flowed. And I always did like wicked fairies.But now I will rip it to pieces because that is what I do when I like a story. Why oh why does immortals fall for silly young girls? Really?! If Ash is that old I would think he would rather fall for a woman than a 16 year old girl. Also why is Ash still young? I could understand an immortal girl being young forever, I have not changed that much since I was 16. I can into myself quickly, my face may just be a bit sharper and I liked a bit older, but still. But a boy? Who in the right mind wants to stay a boy when he can be a man? Can Ash even shave yet? Also, their love story, suddenly it just was *eye roll*There now I complained a bit. Did these things ruin it for me? Absolutely freaking not. Who cares about silly immortals who should know better. Summer and winter fell for each other, awww, loving that. Meghan was nice, Ash was secretive, Puck was fun, the cat was great, the evil guys were evil, the pace was good and I truly enjoyed the ride.Luckily I had the library get book 2 at the same time so I will start that one soon and see what happens to these people. How it all will end I have no idea of.Yes, I do recommend it.