The Hunger Games (Hunger Games Series #1)

The Hunger Games - Suzanne  Collins Ok this book was messed up, not in a bad way, no, this book was amazing! But in the sense of the horrible world they have to live in. Everything is a struggle and the most horrifying thing of it all is The Hunger Games.First, that is that Swedish cover, what can I say, I like it more, and it was on the cover of the book I read so here it is.This is a bad world, but a world that feels real. Why could this not happen? It has happened before and it can sure happen again. It's a tool by a regime who wants to oppress it's people by sending their children to slaughter. No one dares to put anything against them, they have the power and the people out in the districts have nothing, and they are surrounded by wilderness, mutant killer bees, and other dangerous things. They must stay inside their compounds and starve.Katniss is a 16 year old girl who is the provider for her mother and sister. She can hunt and she dares to venture outside in the constant struggle to survive. Each year there is the danger of being sent to the Hunger Games, and this year she takes her little sisters place, and faces certain death. 24 children will go into the games, and only one can come out. They will hunt each other down and kill each other. The one who wins will never starve again.It's not a world I will like to even be in for a second, a terrible existent than they endure. And the Hunger Games are the worst things, the parents and friends have to watch their loved ones die on big tv screens. It's the leaderships way of saying, look what we can do to your children, now just sit still and be quiet.Katniss is a great heroine, strong and willing to sacrifice herself for her younger sister, because at least she has a chance of getting anywhere in the games. I would not have her courage or will to live. There is one other big character, Peeta, the boy from her district since there are always a boy and a girl chosen. I like him, while she is more wild he can be quiet and nice. Another contender is 12 year old Rue, and my heart bleeds again thinking of a little girl in a siltation like that, kill or be killed.This is a great YA book, one of the best I have read. The future is very grim, but it does have something to say too if you listen. Like our obsession with reality tv, in this future world everyone gathers to see children be hunted down and die in agony. Of course do not all like it, they hate it, but they are forced to watch once a year.I do recommend this book to all, I sat there and turned page after page wanting to see how Katt would get out of it, would she? It's not an easy book either, but it does manages to keep the blood under control. Not to much because that would be tasteless.