Peter & Max A Fables Novel HC

Peter and Max - Bill Willingham, Steve Leialoha I actually borrowed this one before I read my first Fables graphic Novel. And after reading this book I sure want to read those graphic novels. Because the world is wonderful.This is then a novel based on the graphic novels. It is a standalone and it is about Peter and Max. The book takes place in this world, because the Fables (all those famous fairytale stories we know and love) fled to this world to get away from the war. Here they settled in new York. Peter is happy with this wife, but then he learns that Max is back. His evil brother. The book deals with his journey to find Max, and flashbacks to how Peter grew up in fableland, and and why his brother went crazy. It also has some lovely illustrations here and there.I have only read one Fables graphic novel, and that one dealt with things before they came to New York, but I had no trouble with this book since it is about Peter's life, and we also meet the famous Pied Piper of Hameln.I just love these stories, they are so much fun, and yes dark. The reason why we have fairytales is cos these Fables came to our world and magic kind of rub off and stories spread, not the real ones though. The story is cool, and I read and read, and still wanted more.The world they come from is just like ours but with talking animals, evil orcs, or was it ogers, and magic. A fun novel, and you sure do not know what is gonna happen next.